Early Ontario University Acceptances at St. Jude’s Academy- Class of 2017

In June 2017, St. Jude’s Academy, one of the best schools in Mississauga, will have its first ever graduating grade 12 class. To date, numerous students have already earned early offers of admission in both Science and Business programs at Waterloo, Queens and York University! With the high standards that St. Jude’s Academy sustains for its scholars, we expect that our students will continue to receive acceptances to their top post-secondary programs of choice during the next several months.

For all families, whether they have enrolled their child in one of the best prep schools in Mississauga or the public school education system, university applications are an exciting and nerve racking time. Here are some things to consider for parents, who are preparing their children for the university application process.

St. Jude’s Academy: Preparing for graduation at one of the best private schools in Mississauga
Most students in the Class of 2017 have attended St. Jude’s Academy since Grade 9. Over the course of their high school education, they have gained invaluable skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in post-secondary education. Like other private high schools in Mississauga, high standards of excellence have rigorously prepared them for post-secondary education.

To ensure that the students were promptly prepared for their university applications, as soon as September 2016 rolled around, the Grade 12’s began working diligently with their teachers and their Guidance Department. They collected information about their post-secondary programs of interest, in both US and the Canadian universities, and also enjoyed a visit to the Ontario Universities’ Fair and participating in the US College Expo. Click Here to view more

Some general advice was provided to all of our families during their application process:

Whether you’re coming out of a public or private high school, check each university’s application requirements
Be prepared to apply online.
Check each school’s application deadline

Contact Us:

St. Jude’s Academy
2150 Torquay Mews
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 2M6
Call Us: 905 814 0202
Email: sawatsky@rogers.com


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