How to Choose a Good Private School

After giving much thought to the matter, you have come to a conclusion that you want to send your kids to a private school. There are many private schools in Mississauga and Brampton to choose from.

But how do you know which one to choose? We hope that after you’re finished reading the following post, the seemingly daunting decision will be made much, much simpler.


Here’s how you go about it.

First, write down a list of aspects you want to see in the new school. After that, ask your child to do the same. Now compare between the two. The resulting (much shorter) list will be narrowed down version, with which you’ll be able to proceed to the next level.

Important aspects to consider might vary greatly, but from our experience, you’ll be looking at things like class / study group size, an intimate approach during the transition period, gender separation, religious programs and education level.
Order your options by level of their importance. There is a developed network of private education in the GTA, but only some of the schools will work well for you and your family.

So first you rule out private schools that that don’t answer your basic criteria, like distance to the school and whether or not the school provides lodgings, or has certain other traits, such as religious studies and church.

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