The various types of Private Schools to choose from

Private school options in Mississauga are many and varied, with a set of advantages unique to each, allowing you to choose a school according to the specific needs of your child.


Here is an overview of the most common private schools Mississauga and categories you may be choosing from. The first decision you will have to make is boarding or day school.

Boarding Schools. This type of school provides lodging for their students and faculty, essentially creating an encapsulated community dedicated to the purpose of teaching and educating children. This system has been considered as reserved for the elite and even outdated, until recently. Boarding schools have become affordable in recent years and are coming back as a viable alternative for day schools. The immersive environment gives a more controlled and in-depth education experience, which can be an advantage both in terms of results and in allowing out-of-town students to attend (which they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise).

Day Schools. This type of Mississauga private school is more common than the boarding school, and is more affordable and accessible as well. They come in many shapes and sizes, with special curriculums and different types of environments. They have one common trait – kids go to school in the morning, and back home after class. The advantage of this is that kids remain in touch with their neighborhood friends and family, keeping their socializing natural and uninterrupted.
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St. Jude’s Academy
2150 Torquay Mews, Mississauga
Ontario, Canada
Pin Code: L5N 2M6
Phone: 905 814 0202


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