4 Reasons to Consider Private Schools in Mississauga

Private schools are becoming extremely popular in recent years due to the unmistakable benefits they offer. There are more and more private schools in Brampton and Mississauga. Not all are on the same level, but most are better than the traditional public schools, by far.


It’s no longer elitist or old-fashioned. It’s simply prudent, and good for the kids.

And here is why.

Small Classes: This essentially means each student gets more of the teacher’s undivided attention. Questions are answered faster and in more detail. Discipline is not much of an issue in a small classroom either. Those two things mean the child gets more actual schooling in a day than they would get in a classroom twice as full. Multiply that by 12 years and you get a child that got a great deal more education and instruction. A typical Brampton private school classroom has between 10 and 15 students in it. Compared to 25-30 kids in a public school classroom. That’s twice more attention, twice less disorder and twice more efficient on the whole. That’s a lot.

Feedback For Parents: The private school is in much more active communication with the parents. Parents are actively involved and constantly appraised on their kid’s progress. If issues arise, you can count on a private school to inform the parents immediately. This three-way partnership is a fundamental concept in our Mississauga and Brampton private school. We keep our finger on the pulse at all times.
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Contact Us:

St. Jude’s Academy
2150 Torquay Mews
Mississauga, Ontario
Pin Code: L5N 2M6
Phone: 905 814 0202
Email: sawatsky@rogers.com


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